Our Story, Our Promise

We believe in the power of joy and sustainability. Every piece of Geralyn's handcrafted jewelry is thoughtfully designed with intention, artfully crafted to last, and responsibly sourced with respect to our planet.

Our Happy Customers
Jackie with Geralyn Sheridan Designs

"Everyone loves it. But, none more than I do. I wear it everyday."

Nancy with Geralyn Sheridan Designer Ring of Gold on the Pearl

"The texture is beautiful! I love the little ring of gold on the pearl, too!"

Janet with Personal one of kind Jewellery

"I love the personal one-of-a-kind creating of jewelry. They are my new heirlooms. The upscaling, the process, and the friendship, were a lovely experience."

Rhonda with Geralyn Sheridan Design Necklace

"This 'drop of honey' pendant is perfect for me. We have honeycomb in our home decor."

Carol with Geralyn Sheridan Designs Rings

"Working with Geralyn is simply amazing! The attention to detail that she gives is beyond!!! She guides the process, so it’s 'yours'."

John Ryan with Geralyn Sheridan Designs Perfect Wedding Bands

"Working with Geralyn was a true joy. She listened and asked great questions to help us with the perfect wedding bands."

Ryan & John