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Artistic fine jewelry designed & handcrafted by Geralyn Sheridan

We have been redefining elegance with creative curves and natural textures at Geralyn Sheridan Designs since 2008. Geralyn’s designs are fresh, strikingly beautiful, and eco-friendly. Our collections are made with the world we share in mind, using responsible resources like harmony metals, freshwater pearls, lab-grown sapphires, and responsibly mined gems.

14K Gold Cancer Awareness Ribbon Pendant with 0.10 ct Diamond

Adorn Yourself with Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

We've just added our 14K Gold Cancer Awareness Ribbon Pendants to our store and for September & beyond, we'll be donating all proceeds from them to a nonprofit that is very close to our hearts.

Geralyn's daughter Brianne, who is also our marketing guru, is a childhood cancer survivor. Thankfully, she has been cancer free for 12 years, but being diagnosed at just 15-years-old changed her life and affected our whole family. Brianne often says she couldn't have made it through treatment and become who she is today without Okizu, which is why the nonprofit has been the focus of all our charity for years.

The mission of Okizu (oak-eye-zoo) is "to help all members of families affected by childhood cancer to heal through peer support, respite, mentoring, and recreational programs." The nonprofit absolutely fulfills its mission; many families like ours can attest to that.

Our cancer awareness ribbon pendant is the perfect way to honor anyone affected by cancer, and the money spent will continue to help these families and the cancer community as a whole. Read more about our story or order your pendant today!

Our Founder

Geralyn Sheridan is a graduate gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and her pieces have earned recognition from notable jewelry organizations. Her unique collections will surprise and excite you with unexpected textures, fluid movements, and innovative ideas.

Our Studio

Geralyn creates in the artsy college town of Chico, California. The charming city is nestled along the Sacramento River beneath the Sierra Nevada mountain range, about 200 miles northeast of San Francisco.


Our Mission

Geralyn Sheridan Designs strives to create high quality, socially responsible jewelry that stands out amongst the ordinary. Our ultimate goal is to have a positive impact on your jewelry box, your gallery, your life, and your world.

Why Choose Us?

Geralyn Sheridan Designs adheres to the highest ethical standards of the jewelry industry. We are also socially conscientious and actively source American products. We use only environmentally friendly materials and our team follows green practices and embraces diversity.

Contact Us

Interested to learn more about us, see our collections in person, or schedule an appointment? Get in touch with us today!

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