The Natural Textures Collection: Jewelry Inspired By Nature

The Natural Textures Collection: Jewelry Inspired By Nature

In Geralyn Sheridan's fine jewelry creations, the raw beauty of nature is meticulously transformed into wearable art. In this feature, we delve into the heart of creativity with Geralyn Sheridan's exceptional Natural Textures collection, a lineup of jewelry inspired by nature's own designs. 

Geralyn's artistry redefines the boundaries between the natural world and luxury, turning unexpected textures and fluid movements into pieces that speak volumes of her dedication and innovative approach to jewelry making. Prepare to explore a collection that not only showcases the aesthetic wonders of the earth but also tells a compelling story of love, creativity, and the intricate dance between art and nature.

Award Winning Ring

With such an intriguing collection, we just had to learn more in her own words: 

What inspired you to start casting natural, found items?

The first time I saw a branch that had been cast, I was just in awe of how beautiful and cool it was. I was amazed that when you cast something into metal, the natural texture just stands out so much more - and it's permanent. So I just kept casting natural stuff.

What is your creation process like?

It's pretty much like "Aha!" when I see something and get the idea to cast it. Like with the sugar crystals I just saw them and it was like "Ooh, what will those look like?" and it was an invitation to experiment. Since the sugar crystals dissolve in water, I had to figure out the technical aspects of casting them.

Walk me through how you make these pieces. 

I visualize it as jewelry first, then I cast pieces based on what jewelry it will work for. Just the idea that you can cast anything that burns leaves so much room for creativity. After I visualize the piece, I use wax to sprue up the item and then just cast it and see what it comes out like. Sometimes I choose to take the impression of the texture in wax and then cast the piece. I have done this with sugar, fingerprints, and more.

It's all completely experimental. Sometimes it's a success and sometimes it's a failure. Sometimes when things don't work out, I can find a technique that works, and sometimes I can't, but it's an exciting and fun process. 

How would you describe the Natural Textures collection?

They're all just interesting textures. I see the patterns in nature and just think they're so cool. I'm intrigued by the visuals of the natural textures, and the idea that you could permanently make that into precious metal, and turn it into a beautiful piece of jewelry. I get to capture nature's art, which is just so damn cool. 

Highlights From the Natural Textures Collection

18K Gold Oak Bark Ring

Enhance your collection with the stunning Oak Bark Ring, inspired by the natural elegance of Blue Oak Bark. Its distinctive texture adds an unparalleled level of sophistication and allure, making it a piece that not only captivates but also embodies grace with its award-winning design. Experience the blend of nature and luxury on your hand, designed to make a statement and reflect your affinity for the natural world.

Oak Bark Ring

14K Gold Sugar Earrings with Amethyst

Discover the elegance of the 14K Gold Sugar Earrings, adorned with Amethyst, a lavish fusion of intricate texture and radiant sparkle designed to captivate attention. Each earring is meticulously crafted, featuring a granulated texture reminiscent of sugar crystals, and is accentuated with stunning, rich purple amethyst stones sourced from the esteemed Arizona Four Peaks Mine. A delightful enhancement to any upscale ensemble, these earrings are destined to illuminate any room and enchant all who see them.

Amethyst Earrings

14K Gold Sweet Love Wedding Set

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and drawing inspiration from the natural charm of raw sugar crystals, this wedding set stands as a luxurious symbol of your unwavering love. Celebrated for its award-winning design, this artisan-crafted set showcases a duo of rings designed to embody the harmonious balance of a loving partnership, reminiscent of the yin and yang. Ideal for those in search of a captivating engagement ring or a significant wedding band, the 14K Gold Sweet Love Wedding Set beautifully commemorates your everlasting love.

Sweet Love Wedding Set

14K Gold Natural Textures Fingerprint Ring

The unique Freestyle ring brings to light the distinctive texture of Geralyn's own fingerprints, artfully embedded beneath the gleaming swirls and contours of 18K gold. Each piece in this collection is unparalleled, bearing the literal imprint of its creator's touch.

Dubbed 'Our Story' by Geralyn herself, this ring encapsulates the narrative of two lives as they twist, turn, and merge together, forming part of an exquisite wedding set. This particular creation was honored as a finalist in the wedding category at the 2012 Niche Awards. Geralyn offers a bespoke service in Chico, California, allowing couples the intimate option of incorporating their fingerprints into the wax of their wedding bands, making each set deeply personal and unique.

For those ordering online, Geralyn crafts these rings with her own fingerprints, ensuring each set follows a unique journey of its own. Please be aware, as these rings are individually handcrafted to order, the designs may vary, highlighting their bespoke nature.

14K Gold & Honey Zircon Natural Textures Pendant

This enchanting piece from our Natural Textures collection captures the essence of nature, transforming the organic pattern of oak bark into a golden treasure. Adorned with a stunning, natural honey-hued zircon, it gracefully encircles your neck, offering a delicate touch of elegance.

Drawing inspiration from the intricate designs and forms crafted by nature herself, this necklace mirrors the exact texture found on a blue oak branch. Each piece is handcrafted in our studio using eco-conscious gold, reflecting our commitment to preserving the beauty of the natural world.

Gold & Honey Zircon Natural Textures Pendant
Geralyn Sheridan's Natural Textures collection offers more than just jewelry; it presents a narrative woven from the very essence of the natural world, translated through the hands of a master craftswoman into jewelry inspired by nature. Each piece, from the ethereal Oak Bark Ring to the captivating Honey Zircon Pendant, serves as a testament to the beauty that surrounds us, meticulously captured and eternalized in precious metals and gems. Sheridan's work invites us to carry a piece of the natural world with us, reminding us of the enduring bond between humanity and nature. 

As we've journeyed through the inspirations, processes, and highlights of this collection, it's clear that Geralyn not only creates jewelry but forges connections to the earth's everlasting beauty, making each piece a treasure to cherish for generations. Shop now.


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