Pulling In Design Awards Despite the Pandemic

Pulling In Design Awards Despite the Pandemic

Our jewelry industry tradeshows were cancelled by COVID, but design competitions weren't! We're excited to announce our Ribbons Collection pieces won recognition from the INSTORE Design Awards 2020 and JCK 2021 Design Awards for their unique curves and sparkle. 

Retailer's Choice Winner & Gold Jewelry <$5,000 Finalist
Award Winning Design: Mitsuro Hikime 14k Gold Ring

In the INSTORE Design Awards 2020, Geralyn's one of a kind Mitsuro Hikime Ring earned the Retailer's Choice Award, which individuals in the industry vote to choose. It also was a finalist in the Gold Jewelry <$5,000 category in the same competition!

This ring boasts sculptural curves handcrafted in mitsuro hikime wax and cast into 14k gold. The gold ribbons are brush finished with high shine edges to highlight the ring's flowing curves.

Unfortunately, the tradeshows where we would usually announce and display this showstopper were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we were excited to show it off at JCK 2021 last month!

2nd Place: Zoom Worthy Earrings
Award Winning Design: 14k Gold Ribbon Earring Jackets with Drop Pearl on Diamond Studs

In the 2021 JCK Design Awards, our beautiful earring jackets on diamond studs was awarded 2nd place in the Zoom Worthy Earrings category! These earrings will garner attention in any Zoom meeting, and you'll definitely want to zoom in for a closer look at this gorgeous and versatile set!

Earring jackets are a great addition to your favorite stud earrings and dress up your look for any occasion. The ribbons of gold catch the light with every move and the dangling pearls add even more movement and intrigue. Buyers beware: may cause team member distraction in Zoom meetings!

2nd Place: Diamonds Do Good x JCK
Award Winning Design: 14k Gold & Diamond Pendant

Our diamond pendant snatched second in the Diamonds Do Good category in the 2021 JCK Design Awards as well! This piece boasts sculptural curves that lead the eye from one small accent diamond down to a stunning pear shaped diamond. At the 2021 JCK Las Vegas event this piece garnered a lot of attention, and we're sure you can see why! 

Diamonds Do Good is a nonprofit organization that celebrates the positive impact that diamonds have on communities around the world. Its mission is to support programs that develop and empower people in natural diamond communities and sharing these stories of positive impact. We are honored to be awarded 2nd place in this category the organization sponsored. 


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