Affordable Luxury: The Advantages of Choosing Lab Grown Ruby

Affordable Luxury: The Advantages of Choosing Lab Grown Ruby

In a world increasingly conscious of both environmental impact and economic sensibility, lab-grown rubies emerge as a stellar alternative to their naturally mined counterparts. In this blog post, I delve into the fascinating world of lab-grown rubies, exploring their creation, properties, and the myriad benefits they offer.

From their eco-friendly production to their cost-effective appeal, lab-grown rubies are not just beautiful—they're a testament to how modern technology can align with ethical consumerism and high fashion.

I design with lab-grown ruby for the accessible price and eco-friendliness. Lab-grown rubies give my customers the opportunity to own a real ruby for a fraction of the cost of natural ruby - all without the negative environmental effects of mining.

Understanding Lab Grown Rubies

Lab-grown ruby and gold necklace

Lab-grown rubies are created using advanced technology that mimics the natural conditions under which mined rubies form in the earth. One of the most common methods for synthesizing rubies is the Verneuil or flame fusion method. In this technique, fine powder of aluminum oxide (the base component of rubies) is dropped through a high-temperature flame, where it melts and then slowly crystallizes on a rotating pedestal to form ruby.

This method of creating rubies allows for precise control over the gem's properties and can produce the gemstones at a fraction of the time it takes for natural formation. It can take 20-30 million years for a natural ruby to form!

Physically and chemically, lab-grown rubies are nearly identical to their natural counterparts. They possess the same chemical composition, primarily consisting of alumina with traces of chromium, which gives them the red color they're known for. The crystals also share the same hardness, refractive index, and density as natural rubies, making them just as durable and suitable for use in all types of jewelry.

Lab-grown rubies often exhibit fewer inclusions and more uniform coloration, which can make them appear more flawless than many natural stones. However, subtle differences in inclusions and trace elements can usually distinguish lab-created stones under microscopic examination by a gemologist, providing a way for experts to identify their origin. Under magnification, the lab-grown variety has inclusions like grown lines or flux inclusions that I can see in the microscope. Natural rubies have different inclusions to indicate they're natural. Without a microscope, an untrained eye wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a lab-grown and natural specimen.

Environmental Benefits

Gold and lab-grown ruby drop earrins

Lab-grown rubies offer environmental benefits over their mined counterparts, primarily due to their more sustainable production methods. The process of extracting natural rubies often involves extensive mining operations that can lead to significant ecological disruption, including soil erosion, deforestation, and habitat destruction.

In contrast, creating rubies in a lab setting drastically reduces the impact on the earth, as it bypasses the need for mining and the associated environmental degradation. Additionally, lab-grown ruby production typically consumes less water and energy, especially when modern, efficient technologies are used.

These controlled processes not only minimize waste but also avoid the use of heavy machinery and toxic chemicals that are often employed in traditional mining. As a result, lab-grown rubies represent a more eco-friendly choice in gemstone production, aligning with the growing consumer demand for sustainable and ethically sourced jewelry.

Economic Advantage of Lab Grown Rubies

Gold and lab-grown ruby statement earrings

Lab-grown rubies present a significant economic advantage for both consumers and jewelers. These gemstones are generally more affordable than their natural counterparts due to the efficiencies of the production process. By synthesizing rubies in a lab, manufacturers avoid the extensive costs associated with traditional mining, such as labor, equipment, and operational expenses. This cost efficiency is passed down to the consumer, who can access high-quality rubies at a fraction of the price of mined stones.
For jewelers like me, this affordability allows me to offer a broader range of products and cater to a wider audience, including those who may not typically consider purchasing natural ruby jewelry due to cost constraints.

My Lab Grown Ruby Jewelry

If you're interested in adding lab grown ruby jewelry to your collection, then I have some great options for you. First and foremost, my 18K Gold Oak Bark Ring looks perfect with a ruby center stone. Inspired by the intricate texture of Blue Oak Bark, this ring exudes unique sophistication and captivating beauty. An award-winning design, it promises to add a touch of graceful elegance to your ensemble. Perfect for those who appreciate the allure of nature, this piece is designed to impress and enhance your personal style.

Looking for a ruby pendant? Experience the perfect fusion of elegance and contemporary design with my exclusive 14K Ruby Ribbon Pendant. This statement piece is crafted from eco-friendly gold and features a striking, bezel-set lab-created ruby at its heart, echoing a bold, sculptural aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from the whimsical folds of ribbon candy, this handcrafted necklace is imbued with a modern flair, designed to elevate your look with a sophisticated and graceful touch.

Everyone needs a pair of ruby statement earrings! The 14K Gold Ribbon Earrings with Ruby make a bold statement as a stunning addition to any ensemble. Each earring features a large 8mm cushion-cut briolette gem set in 14K gold. The gems sparkle and dance with movement, capturing the essence of fun and elegance in this exquisite pair. The Ribbon Candy Collection draws inspiration from the sinuous curves of the classic sweet treat, combining nostalgia with eco-conscious luxury.


Lab-grown rubies represent more than just a technological triumph; they're a beacon of sustainability and affordability in the luxury market. By choosing lab-grown ruby jewelry, consumers can enjoy the splendor of one of the most coveted gemstones while supporting environmentally friendly practices and benefiting from the economic advantages these gems offer.

Whether you’re drawn to the stunning 18K Gold Oak Bark Ring, the elegant 14K Ruby Ribbon Pendant, or the dazzling Ribbon Candy Earrings, each piece offers a unique blend of modern craftsmanship and conscientious luxury, allowing you to indulge in beauty that aligns with your values.


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