Embracing the Chaos: The Story Behind the Freestyle Collection

Embracing the Chaos: The Story Behind the Freestyle Collection

In the whirlwind of our busy lives—juggling jobs, family, and personal challenges—it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the chaos. Yet, within that chaos lie beauty, resilience, and stories worth telling. This belief is the heartbeat of my Freestyle Collection, inspired by the free-spirited journey of life.

The Concept of the Freestyle Collection

The inspiration for the Freestyle Collection comes from my own life experiences and the lives of those around me. Every day, I see people navigating the complexities of their daily routines, finding moments of joy amidst the hustle. This collection celebrates those moments, capturing the essence of a free-spirited life.

14K Gold & Diamond Natural Textures “Our Story” Ring by Geralyn Sheridan.

The design concept evolved from the idea behind “Our Story” pieces, which symbolize personal identity and connection. The “Our Story” pieces feature fingerprints as a backdrop, but they gradually morphed into more abstract forms.

The Freestyle Collection embraces negative space to represent the ebb and flow of life. What was easily identifiable in the “Our Story” pieces quickly dissolved into lightly flowing lines. Then those lines turned into wild, chaotic patterns. Each piece became unpredictable, resonating with the chaos we experience and the beauty we find within it.

Stories That Inspired the Freestyle Collection

The cornerstone of this collection is a personal story. Years ago, I created a wedding ring for myself, designed with round and round lines that symbolized the twists, turns, and imperfections of my life. This ring includes a small hole, representing two very challenging years when my daughter was battling leukemia at 15.

Today, she is a thriving 33-year-old, and my ring serves as a poignant reminder of our journey, the struggles we faced, and the strength we discovered. But I still marvel at the details and movement in my ring. It tells a story—my story—filled with bumps, diversions, and the resilience to keep moving forward.

Just like with my wedding ring, I weaved many of my stories into the Freestyle Collection. My goal with this was to create designs that felt like a true story, to which you could attach your own meaning.

14K Gold Subtle Curve Ring by Geralyn Sheridan.

Modern Architecture Influences

What sets the Freestyle Collection apart from my other work is the innovative use of organic forms and flowing curves. I used these techniques to create stunning, fluid jewelry with extreme movement derived from a single line. In many ways, the sculptural style of these pieces is reminiscent of the architectural work of Antoni Gaudí.

Each piece is sculpted in wire wax and cast or fabricated from wire, transforming linear materials into dynamic shapes. The “Subtle Curve Ring” embodies this, as it captures movement despite being one solid piece.

The “Freestyle” Spirit of the Collection

The name “Freestyle” came from a contest I held with my social media followers and email subscribers. Amidst a sea of creative suggestions, my niece Amirah's idea stood out. She associated the collection with “freestyle”—a form of improvised music that's raw, upbeat, and spontaneous.

This genre, which emerged in New York, Philadelphia, and Miami, did indeed resonate with the spirit of this collection. And Amirah's suggestion added an auditory element to the already very sensorial experience of the designs, and I loved it.

14K Freestyle Clasp on Unique Nugget Pearls by Geralyn Sheridan.

Connecting with Your Own Story

These pieces are not just visually striking—they are meant to be touched and played with. The lines, curves, and bumps provide a tactile experience, perfect for those moments when you need to fidget and find comfort.

My hope is that you see something new each time you look at your jewelry. And that when you wear pieces from the Freestyle Collection, you infuse them with your unique sense of identity. I want you to enjoy the movement and the way it relates to your own life.

14K Gold Peridot & Blue Zircon Ring by Geralyn Sheridan.

Celebrate Your Journey with the Freestyle Collection

The Freestyle Collection is an invitation to embrace chaos, find beauty in the unexpected, and go with the flow. Each piece tells a story, and I hope it inspires you to cherish your own. 

Whenever you wear one of my “Freestyle” designs, let it be a reminder of your strength, your beauty, and your ability to deal with anything life throws at you.

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